Mark Davies | PackLeader

Mark Davies is a professional dog behaviourist & trainer, based in Stevenage in the UK.

Mark has worked with a vast array of dog breeds, and has helped countless owners to train their dog and successfully show them how to alleviate behavioral problems.

He has been involved with a range of k-9 activities including protection, and advanced obedience training, along with aiding many k-9 organisations and charities.

He now runs a number of obedience classes, arranges training and behavioral modification home visits, in addition to a boarding service that offers to not only train your dog, but also redress any undesirable behavioural issues.

Mark is pictured here with the most recent addition to his family, Boris, an 18 month old Boerboel


The PackLeader Promise

Commands & Lessons

The app contains 15 lessons, demonstrated by Mark with Boris

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Lie Down
  • Wait & Come Back
  • Leave
  • Quiet
  • Paw
  • Speak
  • To Your Place
  • Fetch
  • Heel
  • Rollover
  • Give
  • Watch
  • Stand

Plus a bonus section with lessons on how to give your dog regular basic health checks and  how to ensure that he/she behaves well when visiting the vet.

The Remote Control


The app includes a doggie remote control which you can use to give your dog commands without talking.

A great party trick!

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